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Working with MATCOR

MATCOR is focused on delivering first-class products, engineering and corrosion field services, followed up with the ultimate in client service experience.

Designed to last.
All of MATCOR’s products are designed for a long, productive life. MATCOR’s designers and engineers spend countless hours ensuring that each product is precisely built — inside and out. From the initial raw component selection to the finish of the exterior mesh, every detail matters. We invest back into our products for enhancements so you can be assured it is loaded with the latest technology advancements, and will meet your cathodic protection requirements.

Because our products are manufactured from our Doylestown plant, we have the ability to tailor our products to your unique needs, and meet the tightest of deadlines without having to worry about third party vendors.

We’re here to help.
MATCOR is not your average cathodic protection/corrosion company.  Our employees attend continuous training, and are available to answer your question via email. phone call or site visit.

At its core, the MATCOR team has integrity, and we genuinely care for the clients and projects we work with. This is demonstrated by the rich 40-year heritage and loyal client base.