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Linear SPL™-Anode Family of Products

MATCOR’s family of mixed metal oxide linear anode products are used to protect a variety of structures including tank bottoms, pipelines, reinforcing steel in concrete, and marine structures.  The mixed metal oxide technology in a Matcor linear anode has proven to be more durable and lower cost than traditional anodes. Our SPL™- Anodes are available in five standard configurations and can be manufactured in custom lengths with a wide range of current outputs.  All MATCOR SPL™-Anodes share the following common features:

  • Manufactured in the USA with the highest quality components
  • Utilize MATCOR’s proprietary Kynex® wire anode to cable connection technology
  • Manufactured to order with a wide range of anode current outputs, internal cable sizes and lead wires to client’s desired length

To learn more about the SPL™- Anodes click on the images below




Linear Anode Photo Gallery