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The MITIGATOR® Product Data Sheet
The Mitigator is the industry’s only engineered mitigation system to combat the corrosive effects of alternating current (AC) on pipelines, combining performance with greater ease of installation and lower cost. Click on the link below to launch the PDF.

The MITIGATOR® Product Data Sheet

matcor_mitigator_corrosion_mitigationThe pipeline industry’s first engineered AC Mitigation grounding system, combining superior AC grounding performance with greater ease of installation and lower overall cost.

The Mitigator utilizes copper as the grounding wire instead of zinc ribbon which has historically been used. 

Unlike the zinc ribbon, which is typically installed in native soil without an enhanced backfill, The Mitigator® comes packaged with a special coke grounding backfill. This grounding backfill increases the grounding surface area of the gradient control wire to assure more intimate soil contact and to reduce the system resistance. The backfill also provides a uniform environment around the grounding conductor to assure even AC current discharge. Finally, the backfill has a corrosion inhibitor additive to further extend the life of the grounding system.

Copper has long been used in industrial grounding systems because of its significantly lower impedance as a conductor. The impedance of copper is three and a half times lower than that of zinc. This impacts the conductor’s performance during conductive fault events and serves to increase the propagation properties (the spacing of the grounds through DCDs) of the conductor during steady state inductive coupling. In addition, copper is significantly more inert (corrosion resistant) than zinc when buried – assuring that the copper grounding will have longer life than an equivalent zinc grounding system.

This product is intended for use in pipeline AC Mitigation applications. Placed parallel to pipelines in high voltage AC transmission corridors, the MITIGATOR provides an easily installed, cost effective drain for induced AC current being picked up along the pipeline.


  • A complete integrated grounding system with a copper conductor in a fabric tube machine packed with corrosion inhibiting backfill designed for grounding systems.433% more surface area than bare 2/0 copper cable.
  • Significantly lower system impedance.
  • Utilizes a 19 strand #2 bare copper cable for enhanced flexibility and ease of installation
  • Robust outer housing with green color-coded stranding to identify the grounding cable assembly.
  • Can be easily installed using cable plow or conventional trenching.
  • Available in 500, 1,000 ft, and longer reel lengths.
  • Machine packed special purpose grounding backfill to maintain intimate contact with the copper conductor.
  • Additives are added to the backfill to inhibit corrosion of the copper conductor.

4 Reasons why The MITIGATOR® is a superior solution to Zinc Ribbon
Introducing The Mitigator -- the pipeline industry's first engineering AC Mitigation grounding system, combining superior AC Grounding performance with greater ease of installation and LOWER OVERALL COST.

The Mitigator