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MATCOR SuperVent™ Deep Anode Venting System

Each deep anode bed, regardless of the anode used, should have a vent pipe. One of the biggest causes of deep anode bed failure is a gas attack on cables and other components. The MATCOR Super-Vent pipe is an inexpensive way to help prevent the failure of a deep anode system.

MATCOR SuperVent deep anode vent pipe

The SuperVent Pipe is used to vent deep anode beds without blocking, even when used with the finest coke backfill particles. Water and gases can still pass through the fabric outer covering, the vent keeps on working, and you can rest easier.

Other vent pipes have exposed holes that will allow coke to enter or are so small that they may not allow enough gas to escape. MATCOR Super-VentTM solves all of those problems. Our pipe is perforated with holes larger than normally possible because the perforated area is covered with a special fabric.

The outer fabric covering on the vent pipe has proven itself for years on the MATCOR SPLTM-Anode. It’s tough, standing up to continuous abuse to help prevent the vent pipe from getting blocked.

SuperVent is recommended for all deep anode systems, including the MATCOR Mini-Deep Anode System.

SuperVent™ Product Data Sheet
SuperVent, the standard vent pipe system for all MATCOR Durammo™ Deep Anode Systems, is available for all deep anode systems and anode venting. Click on the link below to launch the PDF.

SuperVent™ Product Data Sheet