Major Pipeline Safety & Integrity Management Changes Announced in Canada

Canada’s National Energy Board announced tightened rules on federally regulated oil and natural gas pipelines this week. The changes come with a move to bolster pipeline safety and integrity management for the good of environment and citizens.

The strengthened regulations require companies to actively address safety, pipeline integrity, safety, environmental protection and emergency management.

The measures intend to make senior management at pipelines accountable and responsible for their projects. Responsibilities include creation of annual reports on pipeline integrity and safety that will be evaluated by the National Energy Board.

The board is mandating companies name specific points of contact that are accountable for ensuring protection of pipelines. The board hopes tasking senior management at pipeline companies with this responsibility will make a significant throughout every pipeline management company.

The National Energy Board stated the move has been a work in progress for several years. The board was also quick to point out the changes have not been motivated by any recent environmental or safety concerns.

A spokesperson with the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association said member companies will comply with the new requirements. However, further comment was declined.

Nathan Lemphers of the Pembina Institute said the changes are a marked positive change that will ensure real action in Canadian pipeline management. The old regulations failed to create corporate responsibility around pipeline environmental safety and integrity management.

MATCOR’s Insight That Works

MATCOR applauds this move by the National Energy Board. There are certainly concerns for ease of rule implementation. However, MATCOR has experienced significant long-term benefit through proactive environmental protection and sustainability measures. The move to enhance pipeline safety through government regulation may speed these measures and greatly improve Canadian peace of mind.


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