Rep. Olson Tours NACE’s Corrosion Prevention Training Facility

On Monday, August 19 NACE International – The Corrosion Society hosted Congressman Pete Olson for a tour of its training facilities and labs.

Corrosion control plays an important role in public and environmental safety and is a significant economic driver.

Corrosion control keeps energy moving and infrastructure functioning while providing long-term job opportunities in a growing professional field.

“We are honored to have host Congressman Olson at our headquarters,” said Bob Chalker, Executive Director of NACE International, The Corrosion Society. “Our members’ daily work to prevent corrosion has a tremendous impact on society and this visit is an opportunity to show Congressman Olson how corrosion control makes a difference to everything from pipelines to bridges to water mains and much more.”

During his tour, Rep. Olson saw NACE International’s training facility which includes a cathodic protection test field where students receive hands-on instruction of corrosion control techniques used for pipelines, storage tanks, and other structures.

During 2013 more than 13,000 students have already received NACE training in one of 26 courses offered by the organization. Many students have also received certifications from the NACE International Institute which elevates professional performance corrosion standards worldwide.

“Our organization is particularly supportive of the Congressman’s work in the energy and transportation sectors,” said Chalker. “Corrosion costs the U.S. as much as $452 billion annually, or approximately $1,500 per American citizen, and that cost can be reduced by as much as thirty percent using existing corrosion control technology. This is a topic we’ll be discussing with the Congressman and it’s a message we will continue to take to Capitol Hill.”


MATCOR’s Insights that Work

MATCOR is proud to be a Corporate Member of NACE International – The Corrosion Society.  MATCOR maintains a staff of highly qualified field engineers, technicians and construction personnel who have participated in various NACE Cathodic Protection training programs.  These experienced professionals are available to staff specific projects.  Leading the team is a group of outstanding corrosion professionals who are practice leaders in their fields.

MATCOR is a leading provider of ISO 9001:2008-certified cathodic protection products. Learn more about our industry-leading cathodic protection services and cathodic protection installation. MATCOR’s blog, Cathodically Protected, offers the latest insights on cathodic protection equipment and more.

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