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MATCOR’s SPL Linear Anode Proves Ideal for Retrofit Project

MATCOR's SPL Linear Anode
MATCOR SPL–Anode is placed close to the piping to be protected, and operates at low current levels, reducing potential loss to nearby grounding systems

Arkema is a world class producer of industrial chemicals, but its King of Prussia, PA Research and Development facility looks more like a college campus building than your typical industrial facility.  And yet, like any industrial facility, the site has buried utility piping that is subject to external corrosion.  

When the facility experienced steam piping failures, they called in MATCOR to evaluate their corrosion risk and make suitable recommendations to prevent future leaks.

After a preliminary engineering investigation, MATCOR recommended installing our SPL-FBR linear anode.  The linear anode was ideally suited for this application because of limited site accessibility, the presence of nearby grounding, poor piping isolation, the mix of coated piping with bare steam piping, and the need for uniform current distribution along the high temperature bare steam piping.  The linear anode was installed in stages as Arkema had to excavate the steam piping in multiple locations for inspection and repairs.

MATCOR’s SPL–Anode is an ideal solution for many plant environment retrofit applications.

When placed parallel to plant piping, the SPL Anode can be installed with minimal excavation while assuring even current distribution along the entire piping route.  Unlike many point anode ground bed systems, the linear anode operates at relatively low current densities and is placed in close proximity to the piping to be protected.  This reduces potential losses to nearby grounding systems and eliminates the need for isolation of plant piping. This make the linear anode a great solution for many plant piping applications such as compressor stations, power plants, petrochemical facilities, and even campus facilities such as the Arkema’s King of Prussia R&D facility.

MATCOR Announces Next Generation Connection Technology for its Mixed Metal Oxide Products

Kynex Connection From MATCOR
MATCOR, Inc. a full-service provider of proprietary and proven cathodic protection systems and solutions, today announced the introduction of a new connection technology known as “Kynex™

Doylestown, PA (July 5) – MATCOR, Inc. a full-service provider of proprietary and proven cathodic protection systems and solutions, today announced the introduction of a new connection technology known as “Kynex™”, and MATCOR will begin manufacturing its signature Linear Anodes and Deep Well Anode Systems with this next generation patent-pending connection technology.

Cathodic protection experts agree the connection of any linear anode product is the weakest link in an anode system’s integrity. In some instances, cable connection failures result in rapid and catastrophic failure of the anode before it has reached the end of its useful life, many times resulting in assets that are not being protected against corrosion.

While the existing MATCOR connections are engineered to last and have an outstanding performance history, MATCOR responded to the needs of the corrosion and cathodic protection industry to eliminate the weakest link issue altogether. As a result and after years of development, MATCOR introduces Kynex™, a significant improvement to the existing manual anode to cable connection market.

The new Kynex™ technology utilizes computer-controlled manufacturing equipment that provides consistent, quality, and reliability that simply cannot be achieved by any manual method.

“Kynex™ is another example of MATCOR’s drive to lead the cathodic protection industry with 21st century tools – we’ve taken the steps to make the world’s best cathodic protection products even better,” said Jeff Stello, MATCOR’s President & CEO.

Over the years, MATCOR has become known for introducing groundbreaking cathodic protection products.  Kynex™ continues this trend.

William Schutt, MATCOR’s Chairman explains, “We have continued what we do best, innovate and develop technical excellence for the corrosion industry to benefit the clients we serve.”

Kynex™ utilizes advanced injection molding technology to mold Kynar™ around the anode to cable connection.  The process is carefully calibrated and monitored during the manufacturing process to ensure a consistent, repeatable connection.  The result is a robust connection that is more reliable than today’s manually-made connections. “With Kynex, we are replacing manual assembly with sophisticated automated assembly.   We are moving from the buggy whip era to the aerospace era,” said Ted Huck, MATCOR’s Vice President of International Sales & Marketing.

The Kynex™ technology is the first connection of its kind, and is expected to be widely adopted as the new standard for connection technology.

For more information about Kynex™  visit: https://www.matcor.com/kynex