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Marketing Materials

Portfolio of MATCOR Products & Services

Welcome to the MATCOR Portfolio - an overview of our Products & Services! In this brochure you'll be given a high-level glimpse into the broad range of proprietary products and first-class services MATCOR offers.

Why Choose MATCOR?

Building on a history that spans almost 40 years, MATCOR continues to be a world-class leader in cathodic protection engineering, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. With vast experience in cathodic protection systems, MATCOR solves and prevents corrosion on al types of infrastructure and facilities globally, helping to ensure these assets last longer and operate safer.

Kynex - Now you have no reason to gamble with your connections

MATCOR has raised the cathodic protection bar with a revolutionary new connection technology.  This IS the biggest thing to happen since the launch of any mixed metal oxide (MMO) product.

4 Reasons why the MITIGATORTM is a superior solution to Zinc Ribbon

Introducing The MITIGATOR™...The pipeline industry’s first engineered AC Mitigation grounding system, combining superior AC grounding performance with greater ease of installation and lower overall cost.

Product Overview Sheets

The SPL-FBR Anode System


 The SPL-GFC Anode System

    The MATCOR MMB Wire Anode     MATCOR's PL Anode

MATCOR's SPL FBR Anode System





MATCOR's PL (Platinum) Anode


The Mitigator


MATCOR's MMB–T Tubular Anode 


Ribbon Anode 


Ribbon Mesh Anode

Water Tank Anode
Marine Anode 
Power Cable

Product Marketing Materials

The SPL-Anode System


Reliable, Cost Effective & Low
Impact Installation with
"Next Generation"
Kynex Connection Technology

The SPL Anode System

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"M" Magazine

"M" Magazine by MATCOR


Summer 2011

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