Manufactured in the USA

MATCOR is one of the only cathodic protection companies with US-manufactured products.

US Manufactured Cathodic Protection Anodes and AC Mitigation MaterialsMATCOR proprietary cathodic protection and AC mitigation products and systems are manufactured in the USA in our Chalfont, Pennsylvania ISO 9001:2015 facility. We tailor corrosion prevention solutions to fit your unique needs while meeting the tightest of deadlines.

MATCOR’s cathodic protection systems include an array of proprietary impressed current linear anodes, deep anodes and systems, probe anodes, marine and water anodes, AC mitigation systems, and reference electrodes, in addition to related system components such as cathodic protection rectifiers, splice kits, cables, and junction boxes. Learn more about MATCOR’s products.

What makes MATCOR different from other Cathodic Protection Companies? 5 Key Facts

cathodic protection manufactured in the USA

MATCOR’s commitment to manufacturing in the United States with quality materials and processes is unique and beneficial to our customers.

  1.  Unmatched Quality Control: MATCOR is the only ISO 9001:2015 certified US manufacturer of proprietary cathodic protection systems. We maintain total quality control using qualified suppliers, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of reliability and performance. Our products are made in the USA.
  2. Quick Turnaround: Our flexible manufacturing processes allow for quick turnaround times, enabling us to deliver timely solutions to your corrosion prevention needs.
  3. Advanced Technology: Our proprietary cathodic protection anodes are based on mixed-metal-oxide (MMO) technology, which is known for its longer-lasting performance and eco-friendly nature compared to traditional graphite, magnesium, or high-silicon cast iron anodes.
  4. Turnkey Solutions: With our extensive experience in the field, we have a proven track record of providing turnkey corrosion prevention solutions, including requirement and feasibility assessments to design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance.
  5. Trusted Experts: When it comes to corrosion prevention, there is no better team than MATCOR. Our experts have in-depth knowledge and understanding of corrosion prevention, backed by years of experience in the industry.

MATCOR’s quality products and services fit with your strategic goals, including:

  • Asset life extension
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Environmental Stewardship

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Looking for a turnkey cathodic protection company with US-manufactured CP or AC mitigation solutions? Contact our experts for assistance.

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