MATCOR Safety Philosophy

MATCOR values its employees and holds fast to an “I own safety” approach when it comes to the health and wellbeing of our employees. We have found success in our approach to observation-based safety that allows our employees the opportunity to raise awareness and concerns when it comes to hazards in the workplace and in the communities we serve.

Our focus is on protecting our employees by promoting company-wide engagement in safety. To support and achieve our goals, we adopted the philosophy that every employee is responsible, accountable and empowered to ensure workplace safety. Safety is the foundation upon which our core values are built.

The goal within MATCOR is not only to reduce recordable events but to keep its employees free from all injuries. We dive deep into PSIF (Potential Serious Injuries and Fatalities) events within the company. When a PSIF occurs, Safety–with the help of Operations–puts together event findings and corrective actions. These findings and corrective actions are communicated company-wide to allow our lessons learned to be effectively shared. We believe this is a key factor in our experiencing zero OSHA recordable events in 2021 and 2022.

World Class Safety Awareness and Training

We give our employees the knowledge to be successful in the workplace. We invest significant time and resources to develop and implement world-class safety and environmental awareness training programs. We have implemented a cyber-based approach towards training by rolling out monthly in-house and formfit classes for our front-line craft level supervision, allowing for continuing education for our leaders in the workplace.

New Employee Safety Orientation (NESO)

Cyber-based training has also provided for company wide improvement in the onboarding process. In 2022, we implemented a “NESO” (New Employee Safety Orientation) program. This 5-module series of classes is cyber-based so that all employees receive training that is accurate and consistent with how we organizationally drive safety. The program is comprised of the following:

  • Culture
  • Hazard Identification
  • General Hazards/PPE
  • Electrical/Confined Space
  • Working from Heights

The Life Saver Award

The Life Saver award, inspired by Foreman Kenneth Scott’s swift action in 2023, recognizes individuals who prevent potential disasters through their vigilance and quick response. Since its inception, 32 recipients across various divisions have been honored for their commitment to safety, highlighting the importance of speaking up to protect lives.

Jeff Harrison, the most recent recipient of the Life Saver award, demonstrated remarkable alertness and decisiveness during a routine CP assessment on March 20, 2024.

Upon detecting weaknesses in the CP system, Jeff diligently troubleshooted and addressed the issues. However, his vigilance truly shone when he noticed a natural gas odor and low levels of LEL, especially considering his upcoming tasks involving potential spark hazards. Jeff immediately halted work, issued a stop-work order, and promptly coordinated with a third-party pipeline crew to address the leak.

His swift actions and attention to detail not only averted a potential disaster but also underscored the critical importance of prioritizing safety in the workplace.

Safety Programs

The cornerstone of our safety programs is the implementation of an observation-based safety program. MATCOR follows a tiered approach to our observation-based safety program with:

  1.  Employee Intervention System (EIS)
  2. Supervisor Observation System (SOS)
  3. Management Safety Review (MSR)

This comprehensive program is comprised of contact points from senior management, frontline supervisors and craft level employees. Together we hold conversations around ways to mitigate hazards.

Fostering and engaging this “I own safety” philosophy underlies every aspect of our safety program.

Safety Organization Membership

National Safety Council          Houston Area Safety Council          Industrial Safety Training Council       

ISNETWORLD Member Contractor        Veriforce

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