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MATCOR InternationalServing over 40 countries, MATCOR has a global reputation for providing exceptional corrosion prevention solutions – even in some of the world’s most harsh d difficult environmental conditions.

MATCOR’s Global Reach
MATCOR delivers its corrosion solutions to international markets in two ways:

  • Through direct material sales of MATCOR proprietary Products
  • Through execution of its Services


MATCOR offers a full array of individual corrosion prevention services and can also deliver turnkey solutions outside the USA. MATCOR can design cathodic protection systems for any country and can mobilize from the USA to provide installation supervision and monitoring. MATCOR India is building a full-service team of engineers and technicians based in Ahmedabad to deliver local, turnkey solutions to the Indian market and selected Middle Eastern and Asian markets.

Examples of recent MATCOR International projects:

Saint Vincents Island, Saint Vincents and the Grenadines – CATHODIC PROTECTION DESIGN EVALUATION
MATCOR performed a cathodic protection design evaluation for the San Vincente Fuel Distribution Plant located in the Caribbean.  The plant’s cathodic protection requirements included isolated buried piping to be protected by galvanic anodes, and above ground storage tank bottoms to be protected by shallow mixed metal oxide canister anodes ( MMP™-Anodes).

MATCOR provided design engineering, materials, installation supervision and commissioning and testing services for a large jetty for one of Asia’s largest agribusiness companies.  The project utilized six marine sled anodes to protect approximately 250 metallic piles ( Sea-Bottom Anode™).

MATCOR designed and provided cathodic protection for the fire water piping and water storage tanks at this missile defense facility in Romania.  Scope of work included design services, installation supervision and commissioning and testing of galvanic and impressed current anode systems ( PF™-Anode).

Angola LNG, Soyo, Angola – PLANT FACILITIES 
MATCOR developed the cathodic protection system design for this large LNG facility in Angola including galvanic anodes for the marine jetty, buried piping and potable and raw water tanks and an impressed current water tank anode system for the fire water tank.  In addition to providing the design and materials, MATCOR provided startup and commissioning services for the facility in Angola. (Tank Ring Anode System).

DeKastri Crude Oil Export Terminal, DeKastri Russia – LINEAR ANODE TURNKEY PROJECT
MATCOR provided a turnkey installation using linear anodes to protect plant piping at the DeKastri crude oil terminal for ExxonMobil Neftegas including the design, installation using a local Russian partner, and commissioning and testing for one of Asia’s largest crude oil export facilities located on mainland Russia across from Sakhalin Island. (SPL™-FBR Anode).

Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada – TURNKEY DEEP ANODE SYSTEMS
MATCOR completed a turnkey installation of 3 deep anode systems to protect gathering system piping for an oil production field in Alberta, Canada.  MATCOR provided materials and installation services for these 300 foot deep anode systems. (Durammo® Deep Anode System).

MATCOR is committed to solving corrosion problems and growing our presence worldwide.

MATCOR’s worldwide headquarters and ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing facility are located in Chalfont, Pennsylvania, USA.

Sales & Service Locations

  • Chalfont, Pennsylvania
  • Guthrie, Oklahoma
  • Houston, Texas
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sales Locations

  • Denver, Colorado
  • Atlanta, Georgia

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