Copper Sulfate Reference Electrodes

Copper sulfate reference electrodes are available in underground and freshwater styles. Since our permanent CuSO4 cells are larger than the norm, they have more copper sulfate than others and, therefore, have a longer life. We offer three basic types:

Basic Copper Sulfate Reference Electrodes

  • Underground and water tank
  • Dimensions: 2-inch diameter x 10 inches long
  • Chloride ion trap in heat formed recess
  • Lead wire: 25 ft #14 HMWPE stranded copper
  • All tested for + or – 10 millivolts to standard electrode
Underground copper sulfate reference electrode
Underground copper sulfate reference electrode

Underground CuSO4 Reference Electrodes

  • Basic electrode is packaged in prepared backfill to retain moisture contact and electrode stability
  • Size: 10-inch diameter x 24 inches long
  • Weight: 25 pounds
  • Model code: PRC-CU4-UG

Under Tank CuSO4 Reference Electrodes

  • Small profile for under tank applications
  • Size: 3” dia. x 24’
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Model code: PRC-CU4-UT
Freshwater copper sulfate reference electrode

Freshwater CuSO4 Reference Electrodes

  • Basic electrode has extended shield over porous plug to avoid contact with structure
  • Model code: PRC-CU4-WT

NOTE: Reference electrodes listed above represent standard sizing. MATCOR CuSO4 Reference Electrodes can also be produced to your size and lead wire type specifications.

Please contact MATCOR for additional information.

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