AC Mitigation & Cathodic Protection System

ac-mitigationThe complete construction of a 40 mile stretch of AC Mitigation Cathodic Protection System alongside an existing gas transmission pipeline.

MATCOR provided the complete installation of the induced AC Mitigation cathodic protection system for a 40-mile stretch of buried gas transmission pipeline.

As the project progressed additional requirements surfaced, such as matting for access, horizontal directional drilling under wetlands, rock removal, etc. So MATCOR’s cathodic protection management team stepped in to assist in the preparation of environmental permits.

Construction of the AC Mitigation system spanned approximately 10 months, with exposure to all weather conditions including excessive heat, to the other extreme of freezing weather, snow and flooding.

MATCOR provided a full-time project manager to assist the client coordinate surveying, right-of-way (ROW) acquisitions, environmental compliance and inspection activities in addition to directing the daily work activities of MATCOR’s construction partner.

At times, there were up to five full-time working crews spread out across the AC Mitigation cathodic protection project with a workforce of more than 50 staff.

This project demonstrates MATCOR’s expertise in this complex type of installation, resulting in the project being completed on time, and without a single safety incident. Moving forward, the project is backed by an unmatched ISO 9001:2015 certification. Now that’s peace of mind.