Well Casing Cathodic Protection

With more than 7,000 production wells, one of MATCOR’s clients standardized its Deep Anode System to MATCOR’s Durammo® system for well casing cathodic protection.

well casing cathodic protectionMATCOR’s Durammo System of cathodic protection for wells has proven to have many key benefits to this loyal MATCOR client.

A major factor for the client was the outstanding system reliability of MATCOR’s Durammo Deep Anode System.  To date, more than 3,000 well casing cathodic protection systems have been installed throughout the West Texas region. The longer life of the anode system assures a much lower cost of ownership.

Another aspect of Durammo becoming the deep anode system of choice is the ease of installation.  This was another critical factor for MATCORs client, as they are drilling hundreds of new wells each year, and retrofitting their existing well casing assets.

Installation of MATCOR’s Durammo Deep Anode System takes only minutes.  Therefore the crews have the ability to install a significant amount of deep anode cathodic protection systems per day.  There is nothing comparable in cathodic protection for wells that comes close this.

Another factor taken into consideration included the Durammo system design.  It is engineered and manufactured in the USA, and goes through an extensive quality control check prior to departure from the plant.

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