Cathodic Protection Well Abandonment

MATCOR provides cathodic protection well abandonment for anode ground beds from 150’ to 1000’.

cathodic protection well
MATCOR provides cathodic protection well services including decommissioning/abandonment.

Due to risks of groundwater contamination, many states have passed cathodic protection well regulations to ensure proper decommissioning. The three basic steps include:

  1. Removing the deep anode ground bed surface materials
  2. Drilling into the old cathodic protection borehole
  3. Filling and sealing the borehole with either Bentonite or cement

Read our article “Decommissioning Your Cathodic Protection Well” on Corrosionpedia to learn more. 

Why MATCOR Cathodic Protection Well Abandonment Services?

MATCOR has nearly 35 years of drilling experience and more than 45 years of cathodic protection experience with a wide range of applications. We have proven processes, equipment and manpower to handle challenges in the field, and ensure the best results and cost-effectiveness for your project.

  • Strong commitment to safety and the environment
  • Very competitive pricing
  • The largest fleet of drill rigs in the industry
  • Multiple crews for flexible scheduling

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