US EPA Office of Underground Storage Tanks

Up to the 1980s, corrosion of underground storage tanks (USTs) that were primarily manufactured with bare steel was common in the United States. Leaking content from corroded USTs was, and remains today a major threat to groundwater, which can become contiminated when the hazardous contents of USTs are introduced to the environment.

In 1985, the Office of Underground Storage Tanks was created by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to put a regulatory program into place to prevent and clean up leaks from underground storage tanks.

Since the mid-80s, Congress has passed a series of laws regarding USTs to protect human health and the environment and giving the EPA the authority to regulate USTs.

U.S. Code, Title 42, Chapter 82, Subchapter IX includes regulation 6991b: Release detection, prevention, and correction regulations, section (g) directly references requirements for corrosion prevention and cathodic protection of USTs.

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