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Marine Anode Sled

Sea Floor Anode by Matcor Inc.Steel structures submerged in water are subject to the damaging effects of corrosion around the clock. A reliable cathodic protection system can extend the life of these structures by decades.

MATCOR’s Sea-Bottom Anode is a complete, ready to install marine anode sled including the anode cable and protective housing. The Sea-Bottom Anode is quick and easy to install for cathodic protection of docks, piers, pilings and other marine structures in all types of water. MATCOR engineers custom design the Sea-Bottom Anode for the current and life requirements and the environment where installed.

The anode assembly is easily lowered into the water and onto the sea floor or river bottom with minimal labor and effort. The attached cable and its protective housing lie on the sea bottom and run to the termination point. The Sea-Bottom Anode has a low profile, and with weight from 900 up to 5,000 pounds, the assembly stays in place. MATCOR Sea-Bottom Anodes are installed to provide cathodic protection for marine structures in locations worldwide from Alaska’s Bering Strait to the waters of the Bahamas.

Sea-Bottom Marine Anode Sled Benefits

  • Factory made in controlled conditions
  • No field assembly required
  • Strong, durable design with factory poured and cured concrete
  • All current outputs available: standard sizes to 300 amperes per assembly
  • Available to ship worldwide
  • Fast installation
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Sea-Bottom Marine Anode Sled Components

Engineering Drawing »

MATCOR’s Sea-Bottom Anode is complete and ready to install, including*:

  1. Mixed metal oxide anode tubes with center connections for cables. The anodes are sized for current and life requirements.Typical outputs are 25, 50, 100, 200 or 300 amperes with other outputs available.
  2. Heavy duty, machined PVC or fiberglass housing to protect the anodes.
  3. Support tubes filled with reinforced concrete and locked into the end housings.
  4. HDPE housing. The housing protects the anode cable and provides strain relief at the concrete end weight. It is perforated to permit the housing to sink and not float.
  5. Anode cable sized and insulated for the application.
  6. Reinforced concrete end weights containing the proprietary MATCOR sealed anode to cable connections.
  7. Steel lifting lugs attached to the reinforced steel cage inside of the end weights.
  8. Wood skid attached to the end weights. The skid is not removed when the Sea-Bottom Anode is installed.

*See corresponding numbers on the Sea-Bottom Anode engineering drawing

Engineering Drawing »

Sea-Bottom Marine Anode Sled Design

Marine anode sleds prevent corrosion of docks, piers, pilings and other marine structures in all types of water.
MATCOR’s Sea-Bottom Anode provides cathodic protection of docks, piers, pilings and other marine structures in all types of water.

Sea-Bottom Anodes can be designed and manufactured with almost any current output and life required. Contact MATCOR with specific current and life requirements and our expert corrosion engineers will design the right anode for virtually any marine cathodic protection application anywhere in the world.

The physical size of the Sea-Bottom will vary with the current output and weight requirements. Areas of high water currents may require heavier assemblies. There are no depth limitations for the MATCOR Sea- Bottom Anode.

Sea-Bottom Marine Anode Sled Installation
The method of installation will vary with each project and the size of the Sea-Bottom Anode. The assembly is moved with lifting lugs that are secured in the concrete end weights, or by lifting with slings through the bottom supports. The anode sleds are set on the sea floor or river bottom and the protective cable housing with cable, is run to the termination point. Any length of cable and housing can be attached to the anode assembly in the MATCOR factory.

The heavy wood skid is not removed from the anode assembly when the Sea-Bottom Anode is installed.

In cases where there are high water currents, weights can be placed over the cable housing to prevent movement of the cable. MATCOR manufactures ring concrete weights for this purpose.

The installation of an entire system can be done very quickly. MATCOR has installed ten Sea-Bottom Anode sleds to protect a thousand-foot long dock in a single day.

MATCOR Sea-Bottom Marine Anode Sleds ready to ship for cathodic protection of a seawall for a US oil company.
MATCOR Sea-Bottom Anodes ready to ship for cathodic protection of a seawall for a US oil company.

MATCOR’s mission is to solve your corrosion problems. In addition to our broad range of proprietary corrosion prevention products, we are ready to assist with your corrosion engineering and field service needs, including design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance, as well as full turnkey solutions.

To get in touch with our team of corrosion experts for more information, to ask a question or get a quote, please click below. We will respond by phone or email within 24 hours. For immediate assistance, please call +1-215-348-2974.

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