Water Tank and Wastewater Systems

Water Tank and Wastewater Cathodic Protection Systems

A number of impressed current systems that use the MATCOR PF™-Anode are available for a variety of water holding or process structures. The systems include all of the components for a complete installation of the cathodic protection portion of the project including anode assemblies, holders, cabling rectifiers and other specified components such as reference electrodes. The systems are designed to be easy to install with minimal field assembly.

Water Tank Systems
MATCOR offers two standard water tank, impressed current CP systems. Both systems utilize the PF-Anode with it’s woven housing for protection against external damage, ice damage and electrical shorting to the structure. The type of system selected will depend on the structure and project requirements.

Both types of cathodic protection systems include:

  • Anode assemblies ready to install
  • Floats where required
  • DC cabling
  • Reference electrode(s)

Additional options include:

  • Handhole covers
  • Entrance fittings
  • Conduit and fittings
    Anode hangers
  • Design/installation drawings

Hanging Anode System
The PF-Anode is suspended from the roof of the tank and is spaced to provide uniform current to the wetted walls and floor of the tank. With this system, cable entrances are generally through the roof.

Floating Ring System
This anode system is a floating ring that is permanently submerged in the water. The floating ring anode system is held in place with welded rings on the tank wall and uses underwater floats. The cable entrances are generally through the wall of the tank below the low water level.

MATCOR Water Well System
MATCOR engineers have developed a unique CP system for the internal surfaces of water wells. The system, utilizing the PF-Anode, can be used inside of wells as deep as 2,500 ft. The special anode assemblies contain small permanent reference electrodes for monitoring of the system. The small diameter and lightweight of the water well anode system allows for it to be installed in limited spaces and great depths.

Sea-FloorAnode Systems
Sea-Floor and Sea-Bottom anodes are typically used for marine and offshore applications, however they can also be used in some industrial applications such as water treatment and settling basins. The low profile and heavy weight of the anode systems are ideal for use in the water treatment facilities where the water is not very deep and where there may be rapid water movement. Unlike suspended anodes, they cannot be damaged by ice or floating objects.

Contact MATCOR engineering to learn how these systems might be used on your project.

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