Cathodic Protection System Installation

Cathodic Protection System InstallationFor over 45 years our experience and expertise, coupled with our training, safety record and impeccable reputation makes MATCOR a leader in cathodic protection system installation. Our skillful installation and construction crews have a vast knowledge of cathodic protection systems and installation techniques, giving clients the superior quality of work they expect from us, no matter what the installation challenges.

Deep Anode Bed Installation

Deep anode beds are most often used for the protection of well casings and pipelines, and normally range from 150-700 ft. in depth and consist of 10-20 anodes. Since 1984, MATCOR has been successfully installing deep anode bed systems across North America.

Shallow Anode Bed Installation

A Shallow or conventional anode bed is conventionally used to protect pipeline and are normally augured holes from 10-20 ft. with six to 20 anodes installed. Our highly capable installation experts and our quality of work set us apart from the competitors on every shallow anode bed installation.

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Installation

MATCOR offers expert horizontal directional drilling services for new tank and retrofit CP installations and a variety of anode and AC mitigation system installations. Learn more about HDD installation services.

Tank Cathodic Protection System Installation

Under Tank CP Systems

MATCOR effectively installs CP systems beneath tanks to protect their bottoms, whether for existing tanks or during construction.

Interior Tank CP Systems

Designed for the interior walls and bottom of storage tanks, MATCOR’s interior CP systems are pre-assembled for efficient installation, saving clients’ time and money.

Solar Cathodic Protection System Installation

MATCOR is the leader in the installation of solar-powered CP systems. Our team of engineers capably tailor each system to the particular needs of the client site, successfully matching the power source to the CP system requirements. We are capable of designing and installing any current requirement for solar-powered CP systems.

Cathodic Protection Installation Equipment

MATCOR has a vast fleet of the most state-of-the-art drill rigs and installation equipment, strategically placed in North America to meet client needs quickly and efficiently. Our top-quality and reliable CP equipment helps minimize costly downtime and allows us to provide the unequalled service.

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