Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal directional drilling, or HDD, also known as directional boring, is a trenchless method used to install cathodic protection and AC mitigation systems. HDD is often ideal for applications where:

  • Installation is under a road, river, tank or other physical obstacle
  • Where a low footprint and minimal surface impact are required such as golf courses, residential neighborhoods and environmentally sensitive areas
  • There are right-of-way issues and there is no footprint to install a ground bed

MATCOR provides HDD installation services throughout North America for:

  • horizontal directional drilling rig
    MATCOR’s newest addition to our drilling fleet.

    New above ground storage tank bottom cathodic protection systems

  • Retrofit or replacement CP systems for existing or aging storage tanks
  • Low impact horizontal ground beds
  • Pipeline casings
  • AC mitigation systems
  • A variety of other anode installations

Benefits of Horizontal Directional Drilling Installation

The low surface impact of an HDD installation along with the ability to drill under structures and obstacles allows for the installation of anodes in places that cannot be installed using conventional trenching equipment, making HDD ideal for a wide range of applications.

MATCOR provides HDD services to directly install anodes or to install slotted plastic pipe such as PVC or HDPE into which an anode can be pulled. We also install monitoring tubes (micro-slotted PVC pipe) for pulling reference electrodes.


Horizontal Directional Drilling
MATCOR Iron Gopher® is installed via horizontal directional drilling along a pipeline ROW.

MATCOR is the HDD drilling leader in the cathodic protection industry. Our large fleet of vertical and horizontal drilling rigs is strategically placed in North America and staffed by experienced, qualified drilling professionals and construction support personnel. MATCOR’s quality cathodic protection systems and AC mitigation systems are backed by an impeccable safety record and a world class team of NACE certified cathodic protection engineering professionals.

Need a quote or have questions about our cathodic protection system installation services?  Contact us at the link below.


2 thoughts on “Horizontal Directional Drilling”

  1. I was heading to work the other day and I noticed that some workers were drilling underneath the road. I didn’t know that they had a machine that could do that. That is really cool that the HDD machine has really low surface impact and is perfect for a wide range of applications! Thank you for the information.

  2. I like how you explained that horizontal directional drilling allows contractors to drill underneath structures and install anodes in places where traditional trenching equipment could not reach. Head contractors should consider using horizontal drilling contractors in their construction jobs because they can reach places that other drills can’t get to. Thanks for helping me understand what a horizontal drill is and what it can do.

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