CFR Title 49 Corrosion Regulations

CFR Title 49 is one of fifty titles that make up the United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Title 49 includes the primary set of rules and regulations issued by the United States Departments of Transportation and Homeland Security regarding transportation and transportation-related security. Within Subtitle B of Title 49 and relevant to the corrosion industry are regulations related to the transmission of hazardous materials such as natural gas via pipelines. These include:

Title 49 Subtitle B, PART 192 – Transportation of Natural and Other Gas by Pipeline
  • Part 192 Subpart I pertains specifically to requirements for corrosion control, including internal corrosion and external corrosion control control for buried and submerged pipelines, atmospheric corrosion control, remedial measures, direct assessment and corrosion control records.
  • Part 192 Subpart N – see Operator Qualification section below
  • Part 192 Subpart O pertains to Gas Transmission Pipeline Integrity Management, including requirements for ECDA (External Corrosion Direct Assessment), ICDA (Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment) and SCCDA (Direct Assessment for Stress Corrosion Cracking).
TITLE 49 Subtitle B, PART 193 – Liquefied Natural Gas Facilities
  • Part 193 Subpart D addresses requirements during the construction of liquefied natural gas facilities to address design and materials from a corrosion control standpoint.
  • Part 193 Subpart G addresses maintenance of liquefied natural gas facilities, including the requirement for operators to maintain written corrosion control procedures. It also covers determining the need for corrosion protection by identification of components exposed to atmospheric corrosion, external corrosion, internal corrosion and electrical interference. Subpart G also calls for monitoring and maintenance records for corrosion protection, and remedial measures when corrosion is not controlled as required.
TITLE 49 Subtitle B, PART 195 – Transportation of Hazardous Liquids by Pipeline
  • Part 195 Subpart G – see Operator Qualification section below
  • Part 195 Subpart H deals specifically with coatings for external corrosion control, cathodic protection for external corrosion control, internal and atmospheric corrosion in addition to requirements for inspection, monitoring and record keeping of corrosion control information.
TITLE 49 PART 199 – Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Designed to prevent accidents and injuries during covered functions for operators of certain pipeline facilities, part 199 requires pipeline operators subject to parts 192, 193 or 195 of Title 49 to perform drug and alcohol testing on covered employees.
Operator Qualification (OQ)

Operator qualification is a means of assuring that any personnel conducting safety-sensitive tasks on natural or other gas pipelines or hazardous liquids by pipeline has the knowledge and experience to do so safely.

TITLE 49 PART 192, Subpart N (192.800-809) for gas pipelines and PART 195, Subpart G (195.500-509) for hazardous liquid pipelines requires pipeline operators to identify safety-sensitive covered tasks in order to meet the objectives of the Operator Qualification rules:

  • Determine safety-sensitive “covered tasks” for which personnel must be qualified
  • Identify abnormal operating conditions and must ensure that qualified individuals can recognize them and react appropriately.
  • Implement process for evaluating personnel qualification that is objective, consistent, and documented.
  • Develop and follow a written qualification program.
  • Maintain records necessary for documenting compliance with the rule.
  • Meet these requirements as they relate to their own employees.
  • Ensure the qualification of contractors, subcontractors, or any other entity performing a covered task on their respective pipeline facilities.

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