Jeffrey L. Didas

Jeffrey Didas, Practice Lead - Pipelines, MATCOR, Inc.

CP IV, 7 years with MATCOR
Sr. Corrosion Engineer

Mr. Didas, an industry expert, brings 45+ years of diverse corrosion experience working for pipeline and energy company owner-operators. His expertise is sought after both nationally and internationally. An active and published member of NACE, Mr. Didas has served in the elected positions of president (2018-2019) and vice president (2017-2018) for the NACE Board of Directors and has held a variety of national positions including Treasurer and NACE Institute Treasurer and Chair of TEG 022X, TEG 208X and TG 012. Mr. Didas is certified by NACE as a corrosion specialist, cathodic protection specialist, protective coating specialist, chemical treatment specialist and a level III coating inspector, as well as certified by SSPC as a protective coating specialist.

He received the NACE Brannon Award in 2014 and the NACE Distinguished Service Award in 2001 for his many contributions to the organization, as well as the AUCSC Colonel Cox Award in 2011.

Mr. Didas graduated from Thomas A. Edison State College in Trenton, NJ, with a BSET in Electrical Engineering. He acquired his ASEE in Electronics Technology from Springfield Technical Community College, Springfield, MA.