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Survey Experts at Your Service

Have your surveys performed by industry leading experts! Qualified MATCOR technical personnel can conduct close interval surveys in the field for oil, gas and water pipelines to ensure your pipeline cathodic protection systems are operating to NACE standards.

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What’s the best anode for low temperature seawater applications?

A MATCOR customer recently inquired about mixed metal oxide (MMO) anodes for low temperature seawater environments amid a concern over the formation of chlorine hydrates. Our latest technical article describes a special low temperature MMO anode formulation that addresses these concerns.

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Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal directional drilling, or HDD is often the ideal installation method for applications where:

  • Installation is under a road, river, tank or other physical obstacle
  • Where a low footprint and minimal surface impact are required such as golf courses, residential neighborhoods and environmentally sensitive areas
  • There are right-of-way issues and there is no footprint to install a ground bed

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Corrosion Industry Trade ShowsJoin the MATCOR team at these upcoming industry events!

Sep 13-17 NACE Corrosion Technology Week

Sep 24-25 BBQ & Blues Festival

Oct 5-7 NACE Eastern Area Conference

Nov 3-5 NISTM – National Institute for Storage Tank Management

Nov 16-18 ILTA 40th Annual International Conference & Trade Show

Dec 8-9 NISTM 13th Annual National Aboveground Storage Tank Conference & Trade Show

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MATCOR offers customers a powerful combination of expertise, services and proprietary products to solve the corrosion problems of energy and other infrastructure markets. MATCOR is a BrandSafway company.

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