News from MATCOR October 2017

Tank Farm Design Recommendations

Above Ground Storage TanksTank farm corrosion prevention is more manageable now than ever before. Whether designing a few above ground storage tanks or performing tank farm design for an entire facility, proper consideration should be given to the adverse impact of corrosion that can occur on the tank bottoms. This article discusses the effectiveness of cathodic protection systems, various types of foundations and AST liners.

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Featured Service: Horizontal Directional Drilling

Above Ground Storage TanksHorizontal directional drilling, or HDD is often the ideal installation method for applications where:

  • Installation is under a road, river, tank or other physical obstacle
  • Where a low footprint and minimal surface impact is required such as golf courses, residential neighborhoods, environmentally sensitive areas, etc.
  • There are right-of-way issues and there is no footprint to install a ground bed.

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Linear Anodes for HDD Applications

Above Ground Storage TanksAs the world’s leading manufacturer of linear anodes, and the only manufacturer of a linear anode specifically designed for use with horizontal directional drilling installations, we thought it would be appropriate to discuss various linear anode options for HDD installations.

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MATCOR offers customers a powerful combination of expertise, services and proprietary products to solve the corrosion problems of energy and other infrastructure markets. MATCOR is a Brand Energy company.

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