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Pipeline operators find an inordinate number of pipeline leaks occur at cased crossings, typically used at road and rail crossings to absorb/deflect the loading of vehicle and train traffic from the carrier pipeline inside the casing. VCI is one affordable solution to this challenge.

Below is a roundup of our best content around VCI and VCI for Cased Crossings; we hope you find it useful!

  • Pipeline Casing Repair and VCI Projects [CASE STUDY]
  • Cased Pipeline Crossing and VCI [RUSTY TALKS]
  • The Basics of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors
  • And more!

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Pipeline Casing Repair and VCI Projects [CASE STUDY]

Check out this case study featuring the casing repair of a high-pressure natural gas pipeline running under railroad tracks and feeding into a power plant.

Learn how to develop a VCI casing repair project scope and remove the short, seal the casing, and install the VCI product through the vent pipe.

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Cased Pipeline Crossings and VCI [RUSTY TALKS]

Cased pipeline crossings pose distinct corrosion challenges for operators. Delve into a conversation between Rusty and Dean Lioliou, MATCOR’s Strategic Account Manager, as they explore the effectiveness of vapor corrosion inhibitors in addressing these challenges.

Read About Deep Anode Systems


The Basics of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) are chemical compounds released into a confined space, such as the underside of a tank bottom, and diffused through the sand pad material to reach the metal surface.

The metal surface absorbs the chemicals, forming a strong bond that promotes and maintains a passive oxide layer on the metal and blocks other contaminant molecules from reaching the surface.

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Additional VCI Resources

VIDEO: How Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors Work

ARTICLE: VCI for Tank Bottom Protection

ARTICLE: Pipeline Internal Corrosion Prevention with VCI

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