MATCOR Deep Anode Casing Kit

MATCOR’s Deep Anode Casing Kit simplifies installation of the Durammoand other deep anode systems.
MATCOR’s Deep Anode Casing Kit simplifies installation of the Durammo and other deep anode systems.

The Durammo® Deep Anode Casing Kit is a factory made, ready to install casing kit for the top of deep anode systems that accommodates the venting, cable and lowering rope terminations.

This ready to install top of the hole casing kit comes complete with a heavy duty PVC 10 or 12-inch diameter casing and support bar for the vent pipe, cables and lowering rope. There is a locking cap and cable conduit already attached to the casing kit. The product simply slips over the borehole casing or into the bare borehole. Made of non-corroding PVC, it provides an easy to use and professional finish to your deep anode installation.

Deep Anode Casing Kit Components

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The Durammo Deep Anode Casing Kit comes completely assembled with the following:

  • PVC Casing – see drawing for sizing
  • PVC cap with brass locking bolts
  • Mounted 1¼” PVC cable exit conduit
  • Vent piping mounted to the cap
  • Installed PVC support bar for cables, lowering rope and SuperVent™ pipe
  • Cable ties to secure cables, rope and SuperVent pipe

MATCOR Deep Anode Casing Kit Benefits

  • No field assembly or time spent gathering parts to finish the deep anode installation
  • Provides future access to the deep anode system
  • Non-corroding PVC for long life
  • Built-in venting
  • Mounted PVC conduits included in the kit are ready for direct cable burial
  • Professional looking finish
  • Saves you time and money when shipped with your deep anode system
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Deep Anode Casing Kit Installation

The casing kit is installed at the top of the deep anode borehole and typically set over the existing steel upper casing after the anode system is installed. The cables are wrapped around the support bar and secured with cable ties. The rope and SuperVent pipe are also wrapped and held in place with cable ties.

Cables can run to the rectifier or junction box. They can also be spliced together at the top of the casing kit to create a single exit cable.

NOTES: The vent in the cap should be above grade and set so as not to be blocked.

The cables, rope and vent pipe should not be secured tightly and there should be slack in the cables to allow for settling in the bore hole.

Although the casing kit is designed for the MATCOR Durammo Deep Anode System, it may be used with other deep anode systems.

Specifying and Ordering the Deep Anode Casing Kit
Order the Durammo Deep Anode Casing Kit. One casing kit per anode system is required. Specify 10” or 12” diameter and 5’, 10’ or 20’ length. Contact MATCOR for custom sizes.

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