SuperVent™ Deep Anode Vent Pipe

MATCOR Supervent Deep Anode Vent Pipe
MATCOR Supervent Deep Anode Vent Pipe

MATCOR’s SuperVent, the standard vent pipe system for all MATCOR Durammo® Deep Anode Systems, is available for all deep anode systems and anode venting. SuperVent is the only deep anode venting system that ships in a single continuous piece, will not become blocked, and does not require field assembly. It is available only from MATCOR and is manufactured in the USA at the company’s ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities.

SuperVent is an assembled venting system for any depth deep anode system that is supplied in a single coiled piece for each installation. Each SuperVent system includes an active anode area with perforations and a fabric covering and an inactive area with no perforations or covering material. Its fabric covering allows for larger perforations and superior venting of gas compared to other deep anode venting systems. MATCOR’s SuperVent pipe has five times more open surface area than the standard All-Vent pipe that is common in the industry. With ten times more open surface area, the venting effectiveness is 100 times better, as pressure drop is a function of the square of the open surface area. Better venting translates into a longer deep anode system operating life.

SuperVent Deep Anode Vent Pipe Benefits

  • It will not become blocked, even with very fine coke backfill
  • Greater venting area than any other deep anode venting system
  • One piece for the entire length of the vent pipe eliminates field assembly
  • Can be used for all types of deep anode systems and surface anode systems
  • A proven product used in thousands of installations
  • Greater venting minimizes the effects of chlorine gas attack on cables and anodes
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SuperVent Deep Anode Vent Pipe Components

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MATCOR’s SuperVent is a complete assembly with the following components:

  • Chlorine resistant HDPE vent pipe with perforations in the active anode area.
  • Porous fabric over the vented area. The fabric will not allow fine particles to pass, but allows water and gas to pass to the inside of the pipe. The fabric is marked with the designation SuperVent to allow for easy identification.
  • Bottom seal: The vent pipe must be sealed on the bottom to prevent coke from entering.

Specifying and Ordering the SuperVent Deep Anode Vent Pipe
SuperVent should extend the total depth of the deep anode borehole plus a minimum of ten feet to extend above the top of the borehole. The additional pipe can be cut off after installation. SuperVent’s active area is the area with perforations that is covered with fabric. This active area should be the length of the coke backfill column plus ten feet to extend above the top of the coke column for the best venting. Given these measurements, MATCOR will manufacture the vent system in one piece and ship it coiled and ready for installation.

deep anode system illustration
Deep Anode System Installation

SuperVent is easy to install. Simply uncoil the vent system and attach it to the anodes or anode system. A bottom weight helps to lower the system. If using mixed metal oxide tubes or individual anodes, use MATCOR centralizers to hold and center the anodes in the borehole. The centralizers have provisions for attaching to the anodes and vent pipe.

In addition to being ideal for MATCOR’s Durammo® and other deep anode systems, SuperVent is also the right choice for other impressed current anode installations where chlorine gas is anticipated. Simply install the deep anode venting system next to the anodes and vent to the surface.

MATCOR’s mission is to solve your corrosion problems. In addition to our broad range of proprietary corrosion prevention products, we are ready to assist with your corrosion engineering and field service needs, including design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance, as well as full turnkey solutions.

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