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Platinum Anodes
MATCOR prepackaged platinum anodes

MATCOR PL-Anodes (platinum anodes), like our MMP™ series of products, are engineered to be used in designs as a superior alternative to prepackaged graphite anodes or high silicon cast iron anodes. These extremely durable anodes are prepackaged in their own special backfill, and no additional coke breeze is needed. The PL–Anode is a high efficiency, long life platinum niobium anode. This anode is easy to design and install in your cathodic protection system. They are already sized for platinum/ niobium thickness, length, resistance, and current output.

The PL-Anode Offers Several Key Advantages Over Pre-Packaged Graphite or High Silicon Cast Iron Anodes.

Advantages of Prepackaged Platinum Anodes

  • Lower upfront cost
  • Significant reduction in weight, reducing shipping costs
  • Lower consumption rate and longer design life
  • Greater ease of handling – can be installed by one man
  • Heavy duty steel canister vs. thin gage housing typical of larger pre-packaged anodes
  • Smaller diameter reduces bore hole size
  • Long lengths available to reduce anode resistance

Other Considerations

  • All PL®-Anodes are 2” diameter (50 mm)
  • The PL®-Anodes should not be operated at a current output higher than recommended or above 100 volts D.C. for optimum utilization
  • The Design Life Calculation is based on the recommended current output in seawater
  • Calculated resistance of a single anode in 1000 ohm/cm soil. Paralleling of multiple anodes will lower ground bed resistance significantly
  • PL®-Anodes are supplied with 10 ft. (3.04M) of AWG No.10 HMWPE cable as a manufacturing standard
  • Other sizes, lengths, and types of cables are available


Order Code
Ft (M)
Design Life
Lbs. (kg)
Conversion to Conventional Anodes
Standard PL-Anodes
PL-12 (0.61)0.25209.35 (2.25)2" x 9"
Silicon Iron
in Coke Breeze
PL-25 (1.52)0.50204.713 (5.9)3" x 30"
Graphite in
Coke Breeze
PL-310 (3.04)1.00202.725 (11.3)3" X 60"
Graphite in
8"x84" Coke
Breeze Package
Long Life PL-Anodes
PL-42 (0.61)0.25409.35 (2.25)- NONE-
PL-55 (1.52)0.50404.713 (5.9)1.5" X 30"
Silicon Iron
in Coke Breeze
PL-610 (3.04)1.00402.725 (11.3)1.5" x 60"
and 2" x 60"
Silicon Iron
in 8" x 84"
Coke Breeze
Hi Current PL-Anodes
PL-72 (0.61)1.00209.35 (2.25)- NONE-
PL-85 (1.52)2.50204.713 (5.9)- NONE-
PL-910 (3.04)5.00202.725 (11.3)3" X 60"
Silicon Iron
in Coke

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