News from MATCOR September 2020

AC Mitigation Roundup

This month we’ve gathered our best articles and resources about horizontal directional drilling (HDD). What does it entail and how can it be utilized to install your challenging cathodic protection and AC mitigation projects?

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What is HDD and What are its Benefits?

Horizontal directional drilling, or HDD, also known as directional boring, is a trenchless method used to install cathodic protection and AC mitigation systems. HDD is often ideal for your most challenging applications.

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Best Anode for HDD InstallationSelecting the Correct Linear Anode for HDD Installation

Can any linear anode be used in conjunction with horizontal directional drilling?

Well, the answer is… it depends. There are many factors that impact the success of any linear anode HDD installation.

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First Time Ever in the Middle East: HDD Success for Tank Retrofit

Existing tanks pose several challenges that must be considered when looking to install cathodic protection. In a recent Tanks & Terminals article, cathodic protection expert Ted Huck provides and overview of this successful HDD installation.

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Additional HDD Mitigation Resources

CASE STUDY: Zinc Ribbon Installation Products

VIDEO: Cathodic Protection System Installation Via HDD

SERVICE INFO: Horizontal Directional Drilling for Tanks

PRODUCT INFO: MATCOR Iron Gopher® for HDD Applications

PRODUCT INFO: MitiGopher™ AC Mitigation System for HDD Installation

PRODUCT INFO: Installation Guide for Iron Gopher and MitiGopher

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