Impressed Current Linear Anode

matcor-spl-braid-anodeThe SPL-Braid-Anode is a special anode designed for use in both salt and potable water. The anode is wrapped in chlorine resistant Kynar® braiding and is available in all standard SPL-Anode current outputs and in long continuous lengths. It is a complete, ready to install anode system.

SPL-Braid-Anode Benefits

  • Single package impressed current linear anode system with uniform current distribution
  • Flexible
  • High resistance to chlorine and can be used in salt water environments
  • Continuous mixed metal oxide anodes
  • Uses patented MATCOR Kynex® waterproof connections
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SPL™-Braid-Anode Components

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Anode: continuous mixed metal oxide anode sized for the rated current output and life.

Cable: continuous high molecular weight polyethylene Kynar® insulated stranded copper cable sized for the current rating.

Kynex Waterproof Connections: the Kynex connections between the anode and the internal carrier cable are spaced to provide uniform current distribution.

Housing: is a continuous non-degrading, chlorine resistant Kynar braiding.

Packaging: supplied on wooden reels.

Designing and Ordering SPL-Braid-Anodes
The SPL™-Braid-Anode can be designed for any application using the rated current outputs. Contact MATCOR for assistance with the design of the cathodic protection system using the SPL-Braid-Anode. The SPL-Braid-Anode is available in any length required.

Installing SPL-Braid-Anodes
The SPL-Braid-Anode can be installed utilizing various methods including hanging, stretching between supports, laying on the sea floor and more. For sea floor or river bottom installations, MATCOR can supply weights to keep the anode in position. For hanging installations, contact MATCOR to include an internal support system inside of the braid.

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