News from MATCOR August 2023

This month we’re sharing a roundup of our best tank cathodic protection content; we hope you find it useful.

  • Tank Ring Anode Systems
  • Tank Cathodic Protection Failure
  • Internal Water Tank Anode Systems
  • Using a Core-Drilled Anode System for Cathodic Protection
  • Product Feature: SPL-SANDANODE™

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Do your above-ground storage tanks have the best corrosion protection?

MATCOR’s reliable tank ring anode system is an easy-to-install impressed current cathodic protection solution that ensures your tank bottoms’ longevity.

Featuring patented Kynex® technology, we manufacture this unique system in concentric rings, so it is factory-ready for installation on your specific tank.

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[VIDEO] Tank Ring Anode System Installation Time Lapse

Tank Cathodic Protection Failure

There are four basic strategies to consider when your tank CP system is not working correctly: restore, replace, extend, or do nothing.

Learn how to evaluate which strategy is best for your tank in Ted Huck’s Tanks & Terminals article.

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Internal Water Tank Anode Systems

Above-ground water storage tanks often have internal cathodic protection systems to supplement the interior coating system.

Our PF™-Anode is a proprietary MMO wire anode-based impressed current anode available to customized lengths and configurations and includes a chlorine-resistant Kynar® braiding to protect the anode against electrical shorts.

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Using a Core-Drilled Anode System for Cathodic Protection

If the existing tank bottom has not yet reached the point where an entire tank bottom is warranted, then core drilling provides a solution.

MATCOR’s core drilled anode installation procedure allows us to safely install additional anodes and replacement reference cells to add service life and improve CP monitoring.

Benefits of Core Drilled Anode Systems


Product Feature: SPL-SANDANODE™

Our SPL-SandAnode is designed for cathodic protection where the anode is installed near or in contact with the structure and is the only impressed current linear anode made specifically for under-tank installation near metal.


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