News from MATCOR September 2023

This month, we’re sharing a roundup of our best deep anode system content; we hope you find it useful.

  • A Cost-Effective Deep Anode System
  • Components of Durammo® Deep Anode Systems
  • What is SuperVent™?
  • Kynex® Connection Technology
  • 9 Reasons Durammo Outperforms Conventional Deep Anodes
  • And more!

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A Cost-Effective Deep Anode System–Durammo

Durammo significantly reduces your installation cost compared to traditional deep anode systems. Read the article below to learn how to stretch your deep anode system budget.

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Components of Durammo Deep Anode Systems

Durammo is 100% factory-made in MATCOR’s USA, ISO 9001:2015 facility. Durammo components include a continuous MMO anode, Kynar insulated cables, Kynex connections, a full-length lowering rope and bottom-weight, MATCOR’s SuperVent pipe, system reel and packaging, and an optional casing kit.

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What is SuperVent?

MATCOR’s SuperVent is the standard vent pipe system for all MATCOR Durammo Deep Anode Systems. It is the only deep anode venting system that ships in a single continuous piece, will not become blocked, and does not require field assembly.

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Kynex Connection Technology

kynex cathodic protection connection

MATCOR’s patented Kynex anode-to-cable connection, made of the same material as the cable insulation, is an injection-molded encapsulation that creates an outer cable connection that is one continuous piece, providing the best protection for the anode-to-cable connection.

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9 Reasons Durammo Outperforms Conventional Deep Anodes

The Durammo Deep Anode System is the only complete, factory-assembled, ready-to-install deep anode system available. Here are the top 9 reasons it outperforms conventional deep anodes.

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Additional Durammo Resources

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VIDEO: MATCOR Durammo Deep Anode System

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