Kynex® Technology

What is Kynex?

Kynex is the waterproof sealing of mixed metal oxide (MMO) anode to cable connections made in MATCOR’s manufacturing facility. The MMO anode to cable connection is made with high pressure hydraulic tooling. The mechanical connection is then inserted into one of MATCOR’s high pressure injection molding machines, and computer controlled equipment completes the manufacturing process.

Patented, Waterproof Anode to Cable Connection

Kynex connections are made in various sizes
Kynex connections are made in various sizes

Patented Kynex technology produces a revolutionary, factory made, injection-molded anode to cable connection. It is 100% waterproof, eliminating the risk of anode to cable failure and ensuring decades of reliability. Prior to the introduction of this proprietary technology, connections were made by hand and depended on the skill of the individual to make the seal waterproof and mechanically strong. Made in MATCOR’s climate-controlled ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing facility, Kynex provides a waterproof seal not available anywhere else.

Kynex Anode to Cable Connection Technology Benefits

  • 100% waterproof seal to protect the electrical connections
  • The connection sealing material and cable insulation are manufactured into a single unit
  • Stronger mechanical protection of the connection than heat shrink materials or other manual sealing procedures
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Where is Kynex Used?

Used in MATCOR’s proprietary SPL™-Anode Series impressed current linear anodes and the Durammo® Deep Anode System, Kynex connection technology provides unmatched protection for the critical connections in cathodic protection systems.

MATCOR Products Featuring Kynex Connections
SPL™-FBR-AnodeSPL-FBR-AnodePipelines, beneath ASTs and congested areas
SPL-SandAnode™SPL-SandAnodeBeneath ASTs with very little clearance
Iron Gopher®Iron-GopherHorizontal directional drilling (HDD) applications
SPL™-INT-AnodeSPL-INT-AnodeInternal pipeline protection
SPL™-Braid-AnodeSPL-Braid-AnodeSpecial applications, water wells, industrial environments
SPL™-HDPE-AnodeSPL-HDPE-AnodeMarine environments, concrete and special applications
Durammo® Deep Anode SystemDurammo-DeepPipelines, wells, plants and other infrastructure assets

Why trust your cathodic protection system to anything else?

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