Impressed Current Linear Anode

spl-fbr-linear-anodeThe SPL-FBR-Anode is primarily used along pipelines, in congested areas and beneath above ground storage tanks (ASTs). It is available in all standard SPL-Anode current outputs and in long continuous lengths. It is a complete, ready to install anode system encased in coke backfill.

The SPL-FBR-Anode is available in standard long lengths of 500 ft (152 m) and 1,640 ft (500 m); custom lengths up to 2500 ft (762 m) are also available.

SPL-FBR-Anode Product Benefits

  • Single package impressed current linear anode system with uniform current distribution
  • Flexible
  • Can be installed by cable plow, trenching or other methods
  • Continuous mixed metal oxide anode
  • Uses patented MATCOR Kynex® waterproof connections.

Note: Some larger size cables and anodes for special orders may use the standard MATCOR five-step connection process

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SPL-FBR-Anode Components

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Anode: continuous mixed metal oxide anode sized for the rated current output and life.

Cable: a continuous high molecular weight polyethylene covered stranded copper cable sized for the current rating.

Kynex Waterproof Connections: the Kynex connections between the anode and the internal header cable are spaced to provide uniform current distribution.

Backfill: conductive coke backfill machine packed inside the fabric housing.

Fabric Housing: a continuous non-degrading fabric formulated for SPL-Anodes that allows water and vapors to pass, but contains the coke backfill.

Braiding: heavy duty and color-coded for easy identification.

Packaging: supplied on wooden reels and suitable for export.

The SPL-FBR-Anode can be designed for any application using the rated current outputs.

The SPL-FBR-Anode is available in any length required. The standard length for one reel is 1,500 feet. Contact MATCOR for assistance with designing or ordering SPL-FBR-Anodes.

The SPL-FBR-Anode can be installed by laying it in a hand- or machine-dug trench or cable plowing. The linear anode can be easily field cut to appropriate lengths and/or it can be spliced to other SPL-FBR-Anode segments. Please see the SPL Linear Anode Installation Manual below or contact MATCOR for assistance with your installation.

Impressed Current Linear Anode Installation Guide »

SPL™-Anode Series Outputs And Specifications
16 Milliamperes/ln.ft. (51ma.ln. meter)
25 Milliamperes/ln.ft. (80ma.ln. meter)
50 Milliamperes/ln.ft. (160ma.ln. meter)
100 Milliamperes/ln.ft. (320ma.ln. meter)
250 Milliamperes/ln.ft. (800ma.ln. meter)
Higher outputs are available
Rating is based on single anode in soil/coke
Design Life: Minimum of 25 years at the rated output
Anode Type: Mixed Metal Oxide

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