Linear Anode Color Coding for Easy Field Identification

Linear Anode Color CodingIn February 2020, MATCOR revamped our SPL-FBR Linear Anode Product Line Offerings and introduced color coding for easy identification of different product ratings. Furthermore, MATCOR eliminated the 16 mA/ft, 50 mA/ft, 150 mA/ft, and 250 mA/ft from our standard offering.  All of our SPL-FBR anode ratings are based on a 25-year continuous operation. The output ranges available are color-coded using different tracer wire coloring as shown in the chart below:

SPL-FBR Linear Anode Color Coding

25 mA/ftYellow
100 mA/ftWhite
200 mA/ftRed
400 mA/ftWhite and Red

MATCOR continues to offer, for specific projects or applications, custom anode output ratings on an as-needed basis.

MATCOR continues to be the world’s leading manufacturer of linear anode products, utilizing our patented Kynex® connection technology. With our product color coding, it is easier for our clients to identify the current output of their linear anodes.

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