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Impressed Current Anode

MATCOR’s Diving Cone Anode for Fast Impressed Current Installations
MATCOR’s Diving Cone Anode for Fast Impressed Current Installations

The MATCOR Driving Cone Anode (DCA) is a complete system used to install cathodic protection impressed current anodes in softer soils without drilling or excavation. The DCA saves considerable time and expense when installing impressed current mixed metal oxide packaged anodes, such as MATCOR’s MMP™-Anode.

The MATCOR Driving Cone Anode utilizes anodes that are a stronger version of MATCOR’s 2-inch diameter packaged MMP-Anodes. The DCA anodes are equipped with a steel driving cone and an alignment device on top of the anode. MATCOR’s driving tool is used to drive the impressed current linear anodes to depths of 30 ft. or more. The anodes can be installed using a pneumatic hammer or pushing equipment such as a drill rig.


  • Fast installation of impressed current linear anodes without drilling
  • Enables installation of anodes in swampy or very soft soils without casings
  • Reduces the cost of your cathodic protection system
  • Faster installation of vertical anodes than excavating or drilling
  • Enables installation of anodes in tight spaces where excavation and drilling equipment cannot go
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MATCOR Driving Cone Anode Components

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Anode.The DCA is a heavy-duty 2-inch diameter MATCOR impressed current MMP™-Anode. The anodes are manufactured with a heavier container, welded driving cone and alignment guide at the top of the anode.

Driving Tool: The driving tool is ordered separately in 5-foot or ten foot lengths to reach the desired depth to the top of the anode. Each driving tool is supplied with one coupling.

Designing and Ordering the MATCOR Driving Cone Anode
The DCA cathodic protection system is designed like other MMP-Anode systems. MATCOR engineers can configure and design your complete DCA cathodic protection system, from data collection to complete design drawings and specifications. MATCOR engineers will require the depth to the top of the anode to specify sufficient cable on the anode to reach the desired termination. The MATCOR driving tool is purchased separately.

Driving Cone Anode Installation
The MATCOR Driving Cone Anode can be installed vertically or horizontally into the side of a sloped bank. The soil must be soft enough to drive the anode. For compact soil, pre-drilling a 1-inch diameter hole may be required. The anode is driven by placing the driving tool over the anode. The integrated alignment device at the top of the anode keeps the driving tool in line.

The impressed current anodes are driven into the ground with a pneumatic hammer or pushing equipment such as a drill rig. To reach desired depths, additional MATCOR driving tools are connected. Once the desired depth is reached the tool is extracted from the ground.

MATCOR’s mission is to solve your corrosion problems. In addition to our broad range of proprietary corrosion prevention products, we are ready to assist with your corrosion engineering and field service needs, including design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance, as well as full turnkey solutions.

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