Linear Anodes

MATCOR has developed a complete line of flexible impressed current SPL-Anodes that extend the benefits of linear anodes to the widest range of cathodic protection systems and applications. Tight spaces, high traffic areas, poorly coated pipelines, tank bottom retrofits, reinforcing steel-in-concrete, cable ducts, sheet pile walls or inside large diameter pipes – we provide a linear anode for your application. Helium Leak Testing Now Available Linear anodes handle current distribution challenges by minimizing current densities and placement in close proximity to the structure. MATCOR’s innovative design utilizing multiple internal connections provides redundancy, protects against uneven anode consumption and minimizes voltage drop. The SPL-Anode can simply be laid alongside a new pipeline; cable plowed next to an existing pipeline, or installed utilizing horizontal directional drilling (HDD) under an existing structure. SPL-Anodes require only a small trench for installation, ideal for congested areas and minimizing landowner “right of way” issues. MATCOR’s mission is to solve your corrosion problems. In addition to our broad range of proprietary cathodic protection and ac mitigation systems, we are ready to assist with your corrosion engineering and field service needs, including design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance, as well as full turnkey solutions. To get in touch with our team of corrosion experts for more information, to ask a question or get a quote, please click below. We will respond by phone or email within 24 hours. For immediate assistance, please call +1-215-348-2974. Contact a Corrosion Expert

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