Cathodic Protection Engineering

At MATCOR, our NACE certified cathodic protection engineering team delivers clients expert evaluation, design, consulting and execution of cathodic protection systems, AC interference solutions, well-field and well-casing data analysis, DOT compliance, and research and development across the energy industry. Cathodic protection engineering practices, techniques and analysis used to

  • Determine if corrosion of metals in an electrolyte such as soil, water or chemicals can occur
  • Calculate the rate at which corrosion occurs
  • Select ideal methods to mitigate or prevent corrosion
  • Design and implement corrosion prevention measure(s)
  • Monitor cathodic protection systems to keep them functioning properly
MATCOR provides a broad range of cathodic engineering services that support corrosion prevention of major infrastructure assets such as oil, gas, water pipelines, above ground storage tanks, power plants, energy facilities, deep wells and steel-in-concrete structures. These corrosion engineering services, performed by top experts in the field, help operators:
  • Identify corrosion and safety risks
  • Design safe, cost-effective systems
  • Effectively manage corrosion prevention programs
  • Maintain cathodic protection systems to ensure continue performance and safety of corrosion prevention systems
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