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Henry Ford, credited for inventing the modern manufacturing economy, famously said “nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs,” while Dale Carnegie is quoted as having said, “If you do the little jobs well, the big ones tend to take care of themselves.”

Both adages are directly applicable to MATCOR’s construction operations. Installing cathodic protection systems is an incredibly complex operation involving lots of moving parts, but ultimately it comes down to a series of small jobs that when collectively done well results in a safe and effective project.

Energy Transfer

Recently, MATCOR received an email from one of our clients, Mr. Charles Cook of Energy Transfer, praising us for a great job, executed professionally. But what really impressed him about our performance was one of the small jobs. Here’s what he said:

I want to commend your crew for a job well done. Justin’s crew were very customer focused, quality focused and professional. They performed a thorough safety meeting each morning and told us company guys the rules about staying away from the drill truck while drilling. THIS IS THE FIRST AND ONLY CREW THAT I DID NOT HAVE TO SAY A SINGLE WORD ABOUT LEAVING TRASH ON THE GROUND!!

Actually, Jeremiah the fact of the matter is this, I saw Ryan walking from the county road to the drill site (very tight location, we had to walk back and forth a few times) and he was picking up old trash that was laying on the side of the private road to the drill site. Ryan took it on his own to do this while he was walking back to the work site, he told me this was too pretty of a place to have this trash laying on the roadside and I’m picking it up! I commended him and thanked him sincerely and told him he was a first for me in 39 years of service and I appreciate him!! 

Charles Cook, Energy Transfer

Maintaining a clean job site is one of those small jobs that are critically important to the bigger job. A clean worksite doesn’t happen by accident – it is the result of a crew that is engaged and focused on the tasks at hand. And a crew that is engaged and focused on the task at hand is critical to job site safety, performance, and customer satisfaction as indicated by Mr. Cook’s comments.

We appreciate Mr. Cook’s earnest compliment and allowing us to share these comments.

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