Large AC Interference Mitigation Project in Southern Wyoming

MATCOR expedited manufacture and installation for this “late start” AC interference mitigation project requiring over 73,000 feet of gradient control wire.

MATCOR Crew Installs Substantial AC Interference Mitigation System in Southern Wyoming
MATCOR Crew Installs Substantial AC Interference Mitigation System in Southern Wyoming

Installation Challenges

The construction window in the High Plains Region encompassing southeastern Wyoming is a relatively short one as the winter months can be quite inhospitable to construction activities.

As such, the disruption caused this year by COVID-19 resulted in numerous projects’ starts being delayed as companies dealt with the pandemic, leaving installation contractors with less time to complete critical installations.

MATCOR was recently involved in one of these late start projects. A new construction AC transmission line was built, encroaching on the right of way of an existing pipeline in Southern Wyoming. AC transmission was scheduled to begin in early November of 2020.

AC Modeling & Mitigation Design

The pipeline operators had commissioned an AC modeling study and mitigation design which was not finalized until early August.

MATCOR was hired on August 5th, by the pipeline owner, to supply and install the mitigation design with a completion date of October 1st.

The mitigation design called for the installation of:

  • Approximately 73,500 linear feet of MATCOR’s Mitigator® Engineered AC Mitigation System gradient control wire
  • Three deep well grounding systems
  • AC coupon test stations
  • Satellite RMUs (remote monitoring units)
  • Solid state decouplers

MATCOR did not hesitate to commit to this aggressive installation schedule that required materials to be manufactured and procured on an expedited basis.

MATCOR is the OEM for the AC Interference Mitigation System

As the original manufacturer of the Mitigator, MATCOR was able to immediately ship 10,000 feet from stock inventory. The balance of the material was immediately moved to the front of our production schedule. Within a few days of receiving the order, MATCOR had mobilized to the site and was making preparations to kick off the installation.

MATCOR performed the Mitigator installation using a cable plow with a dozer providing a pre-rip. MATCOR also deployed a new hydro-vac truck to perform pot holing for line locating and test station installations.

A MATCOR drilling rig and crew performed the deep grounding drilling.

Completed Ahead of Schedule

The entire AC installation was completed and commissioned one day ahead of the scheduled completion date without incident and to the pipeline owner’s satisfaction.

This project highlighted all of MATCOR’s core competencies:

  • Manufacturing of materials
  • Broad construction capabilities
  • Professional project management
  • Field technical expertise

When you need to get it done and the clock is ticking – MATCOR performs.

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2 thoughts on “Large AC Interference Mitigation Project in Southern Wyoming”

  1. As the PM for the pipeline operator on this project, I am happy to say that MATCOR was an invaluable partner in executing this project on a seemingly impossible timeline. I want to personally thank the MATCOR team for their responsiveness, flexibility, professionalism, and their commitment to get this project completed.

    I am not a corrosion expert, and there seems to be multiple ways to skin the cat when it comes to AC Mitigation design. As we kicked off our project, MATCOR worked hand-in-hand with our 3rd party engineering firm to identify a few time-saving alternatives that would not negatively impact the final product. Once we started the installation in the field, we encountered several challenges due to ground conditions, foreign utilities, and other variables. MATCOR reacted quickly and nimbly to all challenges and immediately responded by adding additional equipment/crews, modifying the installation game plan, or proposing slight scope changes.

    Throughout this project, MATCOR’s team worked in harmony with our inspection, damage prevention, operations, environmental, land, project controls, and engineering teams. Their project manager was very communicative and positive throughout the project. The fact that this job was completed, cleaned up, and demobilized one full day ahead of our completion schedule is nothing short of miraculous!

    Thanks again, MATCOR, for a job well done!

    1. Kristina
      On behalf of the entire team at MATCOR, I want to thank you for your very positive feedback. We are proud to have been given the opportunity to participate in this project’s success.

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