MATCOR Receives Patent for SPL-SandAnode™

Cathodic Protection Anode Designed Specifically for Tank Bottom Replacement Applications

MATCOR was recently issued US Patent No. 9,410,253 for its SPL-SandAnode, an impressed current linear anode that prevents corrosion of above ground storage tank bottoms (ASTs). Invented by Glenn Shreffler, executive vice president of engineering for MATCOR, the SPL-SandAnode is the only impressed current linear anode designed specifically for tank bottom replacement projects. These applications typically have six inches (150 mm) or less of sand where the anode is to be installed.

tank bottom replacement cathodic protection anode
MATCOR’s SandAnode is the only impressed current linear anode designed specifically for tank bottom replacement projects.

The recommended cathodic protection system for most ASTs is a tank ring anode system that utilizes linear anodes in a concentric ring configuration. However, when the clearance between the tank bottom and anode is less than 6-inches (150 mm), the SPL-SandAnode is used, either in the concentric ring configuration or in parallel linear lengths. The prepackaged linear anode with a sand backfill, in lieu of calcined coke, allows the anode to be simply laid out on the foundation while easily maintaining the maximum separation distance of the anode to the tank bottom.

The SPL-SandAnode is one of MATCOR’s SPL™ Anode Series, a complete line of flexible impressed current linear anodes utilizing MMO anode technology to support a broad range of cathodic protection applications. Advantages of MATCOR’s linear anodes include:

  • Single package design
  • Uniform current distribution
  • Flexible cathodic protection system
  • Waterproof Kynex® anode to cable connections

Learn more:  SPL-SandAnode


2 thoughts on “MATCOR Receives Patent for SPL-SandAnode™”

  1. Would this be of use in a water tank?
    The tanks are used for sprinkler systems. And tanks with liners have severe problems with oxidation.
    Would your system be of use in this case?

    1. The SPL SandAnode is designed to be placed under the tank bottom to protect the external tank bottom surface in contact with sand/soil foundation. For protecting the internal wetted surfaces of a water tank, a different anode system would be required. You mention a “tank liner” – some tanks use a loose fit internal liner that is basically a large bladder and the interior wall surfaces are not normally wetted – any corrosion should be addressed with a coating system. For tanks that do not have a bladder type liner but are internally coated and the interior surfaces are normally wetted, cathodic protection is a very standard approach to supplementing the coating system. These typically are either galvanic anode systems or impressed current anode systems depending on the size of the tank, the coating type and condition, and the service life required of the anode system.

      MATCOR manufacturers many different anode types specific for the many different corrosion and environmental applications. We would be happy to discuss with you to determine which of our products are better suited for your application.

      Please contact our team of experts for assistance by completing our web form

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