MATCOR Welcomes Three New Account Managers

We are very pleased to introduce our three new account managers for the Gulf, Mid-Continent and Rockies regions. They are looking forward to working with you to help solve your corrosion problems.

Please be sure to connect with them at your earliest convenience. Dave, Ryan and Trey will all be in attendance at  the 2019 NACE Central Area Conference in San Antonio, so if you haven’t made contact with them before then, please stop by to say hello!

Dave Arnold – Account Manager, Rockies Region

Dave Arnold, Account Manager, RockiesDave comes to us from NCSG Crane and Heavy Haul, where he sold crane services primarily to oil and gas companies and industrial facilities for maintenance and new construction. He is also a United States Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran of 7-1/2 years and has a Bachelors Degree in kinesiology and physical therapy. Dave will be based at our new Casper, WY office and will cover the states of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Northern New Mexico, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming.

Mobile: 307-401-2534
1980 Skyview Drive
Casper, WY 82601

Ryan Spillane – Account Manager, Gulf Region

Ryan Spillane, Account Manager, Gulf RegionBased out of our Wadsworth Street facility in Houston, Ryan will cover the greater Houston area of the Gulf region. Before joining MATCOR, Ryan worked in Business Development for OES Oilfield Services, selling to offshore drilling companies.

Mobile: 682-666-2128
1423 Wadsworth Street
Houston, TX 77015

Trey Smith – Account Manager, Mid-Continent Region

Trey Smith, Account Manager, Mid-ContinentTrey joins us to cover the Mid-Continent region including the states of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas and the Texas Panhandle and will be based out of our Guthrie office. Trey is a United States Army Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran of 6 years. He has a BS in Business Management, minoring in Finance, and an MBA. He has 10 years’ experience in the midstream industry with T.D. Williamson and Nalco Champion.

Mobile: 405-657-4583
1700 E. Seward Road
Guthrie, OK 73044

For general inquiries, please use the contact form linked below.
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Here we grow again!

The grand opening celebration of our new Midland, TX field office was held on Friday October 18, 2019. A turnout of great clients toured the new facility, checked out our brand new state-of-the-art fleet of equipment, ate some delicious barbecue and won door prizes and MATCOR swag. If you didn’t get the chance to attend, the doors to our Midland office (and all our offices-Chalfont, Guthrie, Houston, and Casper) are always open. We are primed and ready to support clients in the Permian and all regions for years to come.

We are excited to announce that we have just opened two new offices to service the growing demands of the Permian and Rockies regions!

MATCOR Midland, Texas

MATCOR Midland Texas Office
MATCOR’s New Midland Texas Office

6917 South County Road 1276
Midland, TX 79706
Main Office Phone: 832-755-2714


Account Manager: Dean Lioliou | 832-755-2714
Area Manager: Chuck Parrish | 405-637-9920
Manager: James Gillespie | 405-531-6888

MATCOR Casper, Wyoming

MATCOR Casper, Wyoming Office
MATCOR Casper, Wyoming Office

1980 Skyview Drive
Casper, WY 82601
Main Office Phone: 307-401-2534


Account Manager: Dave Arnold | 307-401-2534
Area Manager: Chuck Parrish | 405-637-9920
Manager: Bryan Green | 307-705-2877

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Cathodic Protection Remote Monitoring

This article provides a brief overview of the important role of cathodic protection remote monitoring systems in today’s pipeline operations. We will cover the CP equipment and features that can be monitored and how data is transmitted.

cathodic protection remote monitoring
Advanced cathodic protection remote monitoring systems are critical for today’s pipeline operator.

Modern pipeline operations face increasing pressures to incorporate advanced technologies to:

  • Drive down operating costs
  • Improve system reliability
  • Comply with regulatory requirements
  • Monitor the health of their pipeline networks
  • Monitor the critical systems that are integral to pipeline integrity

The use of advanced cathodic protection (CP) remote monitoring systems has become a critical component in the pipeline operator’s toolbox to meet these challenges.

CP remote monitoring (and control) has proven to be a reliable and cost-effective means to oversee the proper functioning of cathodic protection systems and AC Mitigation systems that are critical to assuring pipeline integrity and the proper protection against pipeline corrosion. Where operators in the past would have to send technicians out to remote pipeline locations to collect snapshot data on a frequent basis, the smart deployment of CP remote monitoring systems can provide continuous real time data that can be accessed from any cloud connected handheld or desktop device. Additionally, a remote monitoring unit for cathodic protection is well-insulated; this construction affords them excellent protection against lightning strikes. The financial, environmental and safety impact of eliminating hundreds of thousands of windshield hours is staggering across the vast pipeline industry.

Cathodic Protection Remote Monitoring – What can you monitor?

  • Cathodic Protection Rectifiers – the installation of RMUs with built in interruption capabilities should be standard on all new pipeline installations and retrofitting older units can provide significant cost savings and improve CP system reliability.
  • DC Cathodic Protection Test Stations – with today’s continuing advances in remote monitoring technology and costs, it is quickly becoming very cost effective to install remote monitoring units on all test stations. When combined with the ability to easily interrupt all of the influencing current sources on a pipeline, regularly scheduled testing of the CP system can be performed quickly and at virtually no cost.
  • AC and DC Coupon Test Stations – the latest NACE guidelines for AC Mitigation (SP21424-2018*) emphasize that the localized DC current density has a significant impact on AC corrosion and gathering data on both AC and DC current densities at areas of interest/risk is critical to a successful AC Mitigation strategy. Effectively doing so requires the ability to monitor these values over time as AC loads vary during the day and seasonally.
  • Critical Bonds – monitoring the effectiveness of critical bonds is necessary (and in many cases required by local regulatory bodies) to assure pipeline integrity.

NACE SP21424-2018 “Alternating Current Corrosion on Cathodically Protected Pipelines: Risk Assessment, Mitigation, and Monitoring”

How does a CP remote monitoring system transmit data?

remote monitoring unit cathodic protection
Mobiltex Cathodic Protection Remote Monitoring Unit (CP RMU)

Today’s operators have a range of options to assure that remote monitoring systems can regularly communicate data to their host data collection systems. The availability of conventional cellular networks combined with various commercial satellite systems assures pipeline operators of the ability to communicate with devices in even the remotest of locations. Your monitoring system provider can work with you to select the appropriate communications technology for each CP remote monitoring unit (CP RMU) location.

In addition to choosing how the communication is to occur, another key factor to consider is whether the communications are to be one way (monitoring only) or two-way (monitoring and control). For test station applications where data collection is the goal, one way transmission of the monitoring unit’s data is all that is required. For rectifier units, the ability to control the system output and/or the ability to initiate an interruption cycle for close interval surveys or test station polling purposes necessitates the ability of the cathodic protection remote monitoring unit to receive and act on communications as well as to transmit data.

Software Interfaces – Installing the appropriate CP RMU hardware is just one step in implementing a successful remote monitoring (and control) program. The data must be collected, stored, and accessible for the operator. Sophisticated cloud-based interfaces have been developed that incorporate critical features including firewall-friendly, password protected internet browser access. These systems allow for multiple client user accounts with configurable permission levels and automated alarm and status information including email and text alerts for designated alarm conditions.

In summary, the use of remote monitoring technology is a key component to the successful operation of any modern pipeline integrity management program. While MATCOR has extensive experience with all of the major RMU manufacturers, we have recently teamed up with Mobiltex, a leader in the field of remote monitoring, to bring state of the art technology to the pipeline and cathodic protection industry. Mobiltex’s CorTalk® line of CP RMU units combined with their CorView interface offers all the features necessary to implement a comprehensive, cost-effective, and highly robust cathodic protection remote monitoring program.

Please contact us at the link below if you have questions about cathodic protection remote monitoring, or if you need a quote for services or materials.


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