Turnkey Project Includes Pipeline Recoating & CP Upgrade

Working with fellow BrandSafway company Industrial Specialists LLC, MATCOR successfully completed a turnkey pipeline recoating and cathodic protection upgrade project ahead of schedule and to the operator’s complete satisfaction.

pipeline recoating project
MATCOR & Industrial Specialists team up on a complex pipeline recoating project.

Earlier this year, MATCOR purchased two state of the art dual air/hydro vacuum excavators. We have put these units to work as we expand our capabilities to include pipeline recoating services.

“We recently completed a major project in Oklahoma for a midstream client that leveraged our ‘Big Air’ vacuum excavators. This complex project challenged our existing capabilities and allowed us to draw on the resources and capabilities of our parent company, BrandSafway, to provide a full service cathodic protection upgrade and pipeline recoating in multiple locations.”—Josh Johnston, MATCOR Director of Sales

Pipeline Recoating Added to Anode Bed and Test Station Installation

The project consisted of six (6) anode bed installations and seven (7) test station installations – standard CP work for MATCOR; however, at each of the test station locations, we were also tasked with coating removal and recoating of the approximately 20 ft of pipeline exposed at each location.

The coating removal was complicated by the presence of asbestos. Prior to 1980, asbestos was typically used in a felt wrapping around the pipe along with an asphaltic (tar) outer wrap.

Asbestos can still be found in the coating of hundreds of thousands of feet of buried pipeline installed prior to 1980. MATCOR’s crew received one week of asbestos removal training to be properly qualified to identify, remove and dispose of the coating containing asbestos.

MATCOR’s parent company, BrandSafway, has in its portfolio of businesses Industrial Specialists, LLC (IS), which is an extremely well-qualified industrial coatings services team with over 35 NACE trained and certified inspectors and over 1,700 painters and supervisors.

MATCOR was able to partner with the IS Tulsa, OK office to deliver the entire project using in-house BrandSafway resources, making us a one stop shop for this level of work. MATCOR’s CP construction crews performed the vacuum excavation and asbestos coating removal, and then the BrandSafway industrial services crew performed the blasting, inspection and recoating work. One big company with a wide range of industrial capabilities.

Project Completed Ahead of Schedule

The project was executed successfully, completed two weeks ahead of schedule and to the pipeline operator’s complete satisfaction. We even identified two areas where the pipeline was directly on top of rock and the owner asked that MATCOR install a layer of rock shield over the completed recoat areas. At the end of the project, the pipeline operator affirmed that they would be using MATCOR again for similar project work.

Have questions or need a quote for cathodic protection or pipeline recoating services? Contact us at the link below.


Durammo Helps You Do More With Your Money.

MATCOR’s proprietary deep anode system is a cost-effective approach to installing deep anodes.

Recently a customer asked MATCOR to bid the installation of multiple deep anode systems, each consisting of 15 high silicon cast iron anodes to be installed in 350-ft. deep holes. MATCOR provided an alternate proposal based on our proprietary Durammo® system.

Durammo® Deep Anode System

2 Major Benefits of Durammo 

  1. It eliminates the need for a junction box
  2. It requires a lot less cable due to its being a continuous anode system with only two primary cables

Meaningful Cost Savings

When you are looking at 15 individual anodes with hundreds of feet of dual insulated HMWPE/Kynar® or Halar®  (pick your preferred fluorinated polymer – they are very similar in their chemical resistance and are both suitable for deep anode installations), the cabling costs are significant as is the cost of a suitably sized junction box. Multiply these savings over several sites and it can lead to a meaningful costs savings over the typical conventional anode installation.

9 Reasons DURAMMO® Beats Conventional Anode Systems »

Expand Your Scope of Work!

Our client took advantage of the cost savings for the Durammo and awarded MATCOR the installation work and used the cost savings to have MATCOR repair, replace and add additional test stations instead of paying for a lot of additional cable and junction boxes. The Durammo cost savings allowed the operator to expand the scope of work doing more with the monies budgeted on the project.

Talk to your MATCOR representative to see how the Durammo can allow you to get more done with your limited CP budget monies.

To get in touch with our team of experts for more information, to ask a question or get a quote, please click below. We will respond by phone or email within 24 hours. For immediate assistance, please call +1-215-348-2974.

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Trying to Complete 2020 CP Projects?

Can this year end any sooner?

Wait, I still have stuff that needs to be completed this year!

This is a sentiment that many of us feel. It’s been a crazy year the likes of which we have never seen before and hopefully we will not see again.

But before we turn the page on 2020, many of our clients have expressed to MATCOR that they still have projects that were supposed to be completed in 2020—budgeted projects that still need to be completed this year. Between the lockdowns and the uncertainty over oil prices, too many projects were delayed or slow to get started. Now that we are several weeks into the fourth quarter and the weather is starting to turn, the working daylight hours are winnowing, the holidays are approaching, and the demand for cathodic protection installations is quickly filling up the available capacity in the market place.  There are only so many hours left in this year.

MATCOR is here to help.

We are working as hard as we can to satisfy as many customers as possible with our remaining capacity, and we are also encouraging customers to consider getting an early start to their 2021 construction project schedule.

Typically, January and February are slow construction months. In part this is because of weather issues, but often it is a budget cycle issue – clients are still finalizing their budgets, project teams are just getting back from the holiday season, and bid packages are being developed to be issued in February or March for a lot of CP construction work.  We expect 2021 will be a very busy year as owners and operators catch up on work that was pushed out, could not be completed in 2020, and begin to comply with new PHMSA Mega Rule requirements.

Purchase Cathodic Protection Materials Now with Your 2020 Budget for Installation in 2021.

We encourage all customers to consider getting started early – MATCOR is available to work with you.  If you have 2020 budget money but are not able to get the work completed in 2020, consider purchasing the materials with your 2020 monies and completing the installations in early 2021.  MATCOR can work with you to procure and store the materials and to plan an early first quarter installation.

Contact your MATCOR representative at the link below to discuss options for work that has been delayed or that needs to be done quickly.  We will do our best to support you.

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